If you are reading this, you probably already know that one of the main goals of the NEANIAS space services is providing efficient solutions to deal with the data tsunami that will be produced by the next-generation all-sky surveys, with a special focus on the radio ones. With the square kilometer array (SKA) just around the corner, its pathfinders and precursors are already providing a glimpse of what to expect in the coming years.

NEANIAS collaborates with Cos4Cloud Project, which belongs to the same Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Call, sharing experiences, knowledge, solutions to challenges and promoting synergies in dissemination activities.

Cos4Cloud (Co-designed citizen observatories for the EOS-Cloud) is a European Horizon 2020 project to boost citizen science technologies.One of the biggest challenges of citizen science is the quality of data, as well as maintaining the citizen observatories used to collect this data. Cos4Cloud is addressing these challenges by developing ten technological services to improve citizen science platforms, also known as citizen observatories, to help them boost the quantity and the quality of observations and, finally, to help ensure their long-term viability.

The services will be co-designed with key stakeholders and carefully tested with end-user. Cos4Cloud will make these services available in the new European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), a virtual space aimed at the European scientific community, so anyone interested in creating or improving their citizen observatory can use them. Among other things, the cutting-edge technologies will help improve interoperability, networking, data quality and secure management of data in citizen observatories, with a very user-friendly focus.

NEANIAS is organizing its first ever Open Call, providing individuals, research groups and companies with technical and financial support to develop novel initiatives to exploit our thematic services beyond their initial scope. In particular, our catalog of space services provides solutions that can be straightforwardly applied to new domains:  SPACE-VIS services, the SPACE-MOS tools and the SPACE-ML services.

EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.