Core Services

NEANIAS establishes innovative reusable services that can be used outside the context of its initial implementation scope. These core services, which in turn will use other services that exist in the EOSC and in the Research Infrastructure (IR) ecosystem in general, form the basis of an additional value chain in interdisciplinary research and business. This is in addition to the specific thematic services that are reusable both as thematic or core, which evolve under the same principles of design and interoperability.

  • The Open Science lifecycle support service enables on one hand NEANIAS integration with EOSC hub and on the other also providers, services and users to publish and locate resources in need (be it data and services) as well to validate data in a machine assisted user driven manner.
  • EOSC hub RIs and Cloud integration service, allow other NEANIAS services to integrate with other services and resource providers and consume and share storage, computation, service and data resources.
  • AI service provides a reusable substrate for machine learning and other computational intelligence approaches that allow NEANIAS users and services to provide beyond state-of-the-art solutions to problems raised by research sector cases.
  • Visualisation service provides a multi-faceted solution to visualization spanning from 2D/3D spatiotemporal data visualization to composite 2D/3D visualization of data of higher dimensionality and to support demanding virtual/ augmented reality requirements.


EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.