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Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that the web server deposits on the device through which users browse, without identifying them. A cookie cannot read personal data saved on the hard disc or cookie files created by other web sites, as the only information it can contain is that provided by users themselves.

The pages of this website use cookies according to the policies described hereafter.

Technical Cookies

This website uses technical cookies, that are not saved persistently on the user’s device and are necessary to enable the safe and efficient exploration of the website. Their use is limited to session cookies (transmission of session IDs consisting of server generated random numbers, such as for example, PHPSESSID, JSSEIONID) and, in general, domain cookies, such as user preference cookies (for example, jfcookie[lang], has_js, site_lang) and monitoring cookies (for example, BlueStripe.PVN). The use of these cookies in the present website makes it unnecessary to use other IT techniques that are potentially prejudicial to the privacy of user browsing, as they do not enable the acquisition of personal data that may identify the users.

Cookie Analytics

In order to facilitate browsing of the website and the way in which visitors arrive there, the website uses, Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google, which adheres to privacy principles established by the United States Government (US Safe Harbor Privacy Principles), to which the Privacy-Policy refers. In order to analyse the points of greatest interest of websites visited by users, Google Analytics uses cookies for statistical purposes, collecting only aggregated information, without associating the users' browsing IP address to any other data owned by Google itself.

Tools have been introduced to reduce the identification potentiality of the cookies by masking significant parts of the IP. Moreover, ad hoc GoogleAnalytics settings have been activated, so that Google is not able to cross the collected data with other information it already has at its disposal.

Browsing on the website implies the approval of the conditions of use, including the functionalities connected to the cookies that may be disabled using the specific options present in the different browsers. With the exception of all the above, this website does not use any other cookie for the transmission of information of personal nature, nor does it use any other user tracking systems.

How to disable the cookies (opt-out)

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to opt out. If users do not wish to receive or save cookies, the security settings of their browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Opera, etc.) can be modified. Each browser manages its settings through different procedures.

Typically, it is necessary to access the “options/settings/advanced preferences” section of the browser and then access a section titled “Privacy/Security/Data”. According to the browser, it is possible to block all the cookies, or choose to block only those from third parties, or rather choose for the cookies to be deleted once the browser is closed.

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