S1 Space VIS

The FAIR Data Management and Visualization service provides an advanced operational solution for data management and visualization service for space FAIR data based on widespread and popular tools like VisIVO, ADN and PlanetServer.

The Space environment shares different needs ranging from management of complex datasets, scientific visualization, visual analytics including combining data analytics and mining with visualization also exposing outputs within advanced interaction environments using virtual and augmented reality. The developed tools and services in Space will be tailored to 2D and 3D model computation, visualization, and virtual reality navigation applications. VisIVO (Sciacca et al. 2013) and SPLOTCH (Rivi et al. 2014) are suites of visualization software and services targeting the virtual observatory environment and exploiting HPC and distributed computing infrastructures. The Astronomical Data Navigator-ADN is a virtual reality application that allows realistic and precise visualization of astronomical catalogs in a virtual, navigable and interactive 3D environment. PlanetServer allows planetary surface data access via client/server interactions and 2D/3D visualisation. These tools and services are all in TRL 6 status and will be ported to the EOSC, starting from experiences in previous projects (e.g., in the EOSCPilot project), by optimizing specific features as these are needed by the involved scientific groups. The S1 service will optimize data discovery under the FAIR principles by the publication of outputs through the IVOA framework, which is in very wide use by the astronomical community and is increasingly being adopted by the planetary community following the EuroPlanet, VESPA and PlanMap initiatives. Data accessibility will be guaranteed through deployment of standard protocols and interfaces implemented by the IVOA TAP and EPN-TAP protocols and the REST interface.

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