NEANIAS published in Hydrographische Nachrichten.

Hydrographische Nachrichten Journal, 3/03/2021.

NEANIAS Project is presented in Hydrographische Nachrichten, a journal of applied Hydrography (02/2021 HN 118). The Hydrographische Nachrichten is the only specialist journal for hydrography and geographic information in German-speaking countries. There are three issues per year and the printed journal is sent to all members, and libraries also receive a copy.

In the Hydrographische Nachrichten, scientific articles are published as well as reports from practice and current projects. New technical developments are highlighted, applications are reported and information is provided about what is happening at events. In addition, a multi-page scientific talk with a leading head of hydrography appears in each issue. The articles are mainly published in German. However, some specialist articles are also printed in English.

The article is titled “The NEANIAS Project: Bathymetric mapping and processing goes cloud” and introduces the project and its contribution to the research through the NEANIAS underwater services on the European Open Science Cloud. UWBat - Bathymetric mapping - is one out of nine thematic services and utilises the open source suite MB-System to realise cloud-based bathymetry mapping and processing.

The authors are part of the NEANIAS team: Paul Wintersteller (Teledyne and Marum in Bremen), Nikolaos Foskolos (Teledyne Reson in Denmark), Christian Ferreira (Marum in Bremen), Konstantinos Karantzalos (NTUA in Athens), Danai Lampridou (NKUA in Athens), Kalliopi Baika (AMU in Marseille), Jafar Anbar (AMU in Marseille), Josep Quintana (Coronis Computing in Girona), Stergios Kokorotsikos (EUNICE in Berlin), Claudio Pisa (GARR in Rome), Paraskevi Nomikou (NKUA in Athens).

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EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.