NEANIAS Core services onboarded on EOSC.

Three NEANIAS Core services are already onboarded on the European Open Science Cloud, available to the EOSC community. These services provide artificial intelligence and visualisation tools to support thematic services, although they can also offer final solutions.

Artificial Intelligence services

Data Exploration Service (ADAM Platform)

The service C2 Data Exploration Service (ADAM Platform) has been developed by Meteorological Environmental Earth Observation (MEEO) with the support of the NEANIAS project

The Advanced geospatial Data Management platform (ADAM) is a tool to access a large variety and volume of global environmental data. User-friendly web viewer and Application Programming Interface (API) allow extracting global as well as local data, from the past, current time, to short term forecast and long-term projections. Most of the data are updated daily to allow users having always fresh data to play with.

The data services developed upon ADAM can benefit of full, fast, flexible and effective data-as-a-service platform that boosts any web data solution from micro thematic services to massive data processing services including AI based tools. ADAM facilitates sharing and manipulation of data for data processors, data handling and re-use by managing large volume, need of speed, variety, complexity, diversity, dispersed data sources.

The service is addressed to students, businesses, researchers, research communities, research groups or research organisations, among others, and it can be found at

Video demos are also available, showcasing its applications and features: ADAM presentation and How to access Copernicus, ESA and NASA products with ADAM.

C3.3 Distributed Multi-GPU training of large ML models using Horovod

The service C3.3 Distributed Multi-GPU training of large ML models using Horovod, has been developed by SZTAKI with the support of the NEANIAS project.

The service provides researchers a reliable platform designed for performing distributed deep learning operations with great scaling efficiency, a infrastructure related services based on proven solutions and a platform equipped with the essential toolset

The benefits of Distributed Deep Learning by Horovod are a reliable cluster built for the task, a toolset ensuring increased productivity and significantly improved training time for machine learning algorithms.

It is aimed at research communities with needs in distributed deep learning, and It can be found at

For more details, it is available a video presentation is available on YouTube.

C4 Visualisation services

C4.1 Framework for Visual Discovery (VD) - VD-Maps

The Framework for Visual Discovery (VD) - VD-Maps service has been developed by CORONIS with the support of the NEANIAS project.

This NEANIAS core service provides tools to create, serve and visualize imagery (2D images) or terrain-based (elevation and/or bathymetric maps) hierarchical tiled maps, dealing with the creation of tiled web maps for visualization on Cesium JS of both 2D and 2.5D datasets.

The service is aimed at students, businesses, researchers, innovators, research communities, research projects or research groups working in vd-maps, visualize imagery, terrain-based bathymetric maps, or hierarchical tiled maps.

The service is available at


EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.