NEANIAS Latent Space Explorer.

NEANIAS Latent Space Explorer (LSE) service supports analysis of image datasets via unsupervised machine learning methods.

It allows to extract a compact representation from data by representation learning models (e.g. autoencoders). The information extracted can be then visualized using the projector. The latter allows visualizing the data in a 2D or 3D space in an interactive fashion. The system then allows performing clustering algorithms to detect potentially relevant ways to group data and to support the definition of novel classification schemes.

Do not miss this video presentation on our YouTube channel in which we present the main features of the service.

Additional details on the servide are presented on the Latent Space Explorer Service page, 


EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.