NEANIAS Underwater. Seafloor Mosaicing from Optical Data (MOS Service) video.

NEANIAS presents the video “NEANIAS Underwater. Seafloor Mosaicing from Optical Data (MOS Service)”.

This multimedia content introduces the NEANIAS UW-MOS service, which provides tools for creating 2D and 3D maps of the seafloor from underwater images. More precisely, it provides the following processes:

  • Camera calibration.
  • Image undistortion.
  • Underwater image enhancement.
  • Image quality check.
  • 2D mosaicing.
  • 3D reconstruction.

The service is available at

You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel and learn more about NEANIAS underwater services.



EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.