Core Services foundation and implementation.

The NEANIAS Work Package 6 “Core Services Foundation and Implementation” establishes generic, cross-community services that amplify the potential of thematic services delivered by our thematic work packages (Underwater, Atmospheric, Space), enabling Open Science, and facilitating the migration to the EOSC concepts, by streamlining access to cloud resources.

The core services are the way that NEANIAS delivers functionalities within its systems architecture through decoupled functionalities composed by software and documentation. These services interact with each other in order to exchange data and provide the user some combined, higher-level functionality.

The WP6 developments are performed on four main fields. The first field on Open-Science Lifecycle Support Services Implementation focuses on the delivery of reusable elements services required to enable integration of thematic services onto the EOSC and Open Science. The second one on RIs (Research Infrastructure) and Cloud Integration enabling services implementation tries to adapt, unify or abstract over storage, processing, security and other fundamental aspects of operating on the EOSC hub / RIs and in general Cloud ecosystem. The third, AI (Artificial Intelligence) Services implementation performs the development on core AI framework to serve the machine-learning related needs of the NEANIAS users, while the fourth one called Visualisation Services Implementation works on a framework and its components for data visualization utilised by the thematic services.

The NEANIAS Work Package 6 development is over its first release and is working on further integration and improvements of the core services to deliver more comprehensive, stable and easy-to-use services for further potential thematic users. The most important ones are the service catalogue and portal, the service storage, authentication and authorisation services, the AI gateway and its related components like Spark and Horovod, and the Visualisation services.

The services provided by WP6 are documented on the NEANIAS documentation site at


EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.