NEANIAS delivers cutting-edge technology beyond the current state-of-the-art, integrated in EOSC hub. Several innovative thematic and core services are designed, developed and validated towards a complete and qualified cloud-based solution. The thematic ones address cross-cutting application field in Underwater, Space and Atmosphere Research Sectors while the core ones deliver reusable cross-sector services that are generic yet able to be further exploited and specialised both from internal NEANIAS as well as external, other parties’ services.

Underwater thematic services

  • The Bathymetry Mapping from Acoustic Data service delivers an advanced user-friendly, cloud-based version of the popular open source MB-System software for post-processing bathymetry through Jupyter notebooks with additional functionalities.
  • The Seafloor Mosaicing from Optical Data service provides an operational solution for large area representation (in the order of tens of thousands of images) of the, predominantly flat, seafloor addressing also visibility limitations from the underwater medium.
  • The Seabed Classification from Multispectral, Multibeam Data service delivers a user-friendly cloud-based solution integrating cutting-edge machine learning frameworks for mapping several seabed classes, validated for archeological, geo-hazards, energy, and other applications.

Atmosphere thematic services

  • The Greenhouse Gases Flux Density Monitoring service delivers an operational workflow for estimating flux density and fluxes of gases, aerosol, energy from data obtained from specifically set meteorological stations, validated towards standardized, regularized processes.
  • The Atmospheric Perturbations and Components Monitoring service performs all required analytics of atmospheric and meteorological data in order to estimate possible correlations of gaseous and particulate components of the atmosphere with earthquake and volcanic processes.
  • The Air Quality Estimation, Monitoring and Forecasting service delivers a novel cloud-based solution providing crucial information and products to a variety of stakeholder in agriculture, urban/ city authorities, health, insurance agencies and relative governmental authorities.

Space thematic services

Core reusable services

  • The Open Science lifecycle support service enables on one hand NEANIAS integration with EOSC hub and on the other also providers, services and users to publish and locate resources in need (be it data and services) as well to validate data in a machine assisted user driven manner.
  • EOSC hub RIs and Cloud integration service, allows other NEANIAS services to integrate with other services and resource providers and consume and share storage, computation, service and data resources.
  • AI service provides a reusable substrate for machine learning and other computational intelligence approaches that allow NEANIAS users and services to provide beyond state-of-the-art solutions to problems raised by research sector cases.
  • Visualisation service provides a multi-faceted solution to visualization spanning from 2D/3D spatiotemporal data visualization to composite 2D/3D visualization of data of higher dimensionality and to support demanding virtual/ augmented reality requirements.


EU Flag  NEANIAS is a Research and Innovation Action funded by European Union under Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme via grant agreement No.863448.