Online, 16/09/2021

Cos4Cloud project, with which NEANIAS is happy to collaborate, organises the online event 'Engaging the society beyond data collection' on September 16th, 12:00h – 15:00 (CEST).  This workshop is aimed at all the communities interested in participatory coastal monitoring: Academia, industry (particularly SMEs), policy makers, and civil society (NGOs, local groups, environmental associations, schools, etc.). 

Online, 17-21/05/2021.

The NEANIAS project team will participate in the Virtual conference on Applications of Statistical Methods and Machine Learning at the Space Sciences Institute on May 17 - 21, 2021. Thomas Cecconnello and Cristobal Bordiu will give a talk entitled "Towards a Modern Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to the Analysis of Astrophysics Images" and Daniel Magro another one entitled "Source detection with Mask-R CNN".

Online, 13/05/2021.

The 2nd International Conference Dive in Blue Growth focuses on raising public awareness on the value of Underwater Cultural Heritage and the enhancement of responsible accessibility for both divers and non-divers. The Conference draws attention to the operation of Accessible Underwater Cultural Heritage Sites (AUCHS) and their promotion as a means for their sustainable protection.

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